Sunday, January 27, 2013

OPERATION: Tight & Right *revisited*

Pardon the unplanned hiatus, but I've been busy with my internship & you know how school goes...


This is the OFFICIAL beginning of my "tight & right" journey because, in all honesty, I probably haven't worked out since my last post...*gasp!* I know, right? SLACKIN. But I haven't forgotten about yall ;)

We ALL know what cellulite looks like, and we know that you basically can never FULLY get rid of it unless your body fat percentage is like..-5% (slight exaggeration, but still...)
Now I know about the creams and the "Bye Bye Cellulite" joint by Nivea or whoever, but I'm not beat for that, cause guess what? As soon as you stop using that cream stuff..your booty goes right back to lookin like the man on the moon...

What exactly IS "cellulite?" 
Cellulite is BASICALLY just fat. It makes your skin look dimply because when it  developed under your skin, it developed unevenly...thus giving us the "cottage cheese" effect.

Now this is about as naked as imma ever get over the internet, but here goes....
It's not bad on my left leg...

...just my right. =/

 So yeah, I may be small now..but I STILL have the same cellulite I had when I was bigger.
My plans on trying to tighten this up are ALOT of leg/glute workouts. I mean, going to the gym and mainly focusing on my legs and butt. I already tackle the Smith Machine (the one you do squats on ) which is, honestly, giving me great quad and booty results so I will definitely be using THAT more often. Of course, my diet plays an important role in trying to tone and develop stronger muscles so I will be incorporating more protein throughout my day and making sure I eat IMMEDIATELY after working out.

...this is one of the many workouts I plan on doing I got it off of Pinterest (thank the Almighty for Pinterest). It's to the song Dance (Ass) by Big Sean and you basically do whichever move at whatever part of the song you're at1 It's really fun! I just did it had me kind of winded though so if you plan on doing this, PLEASE be careful ladies!


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