Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Infused Water Wave!

I've officially joined this infused water craze that's going on...I couldn't resist!
What mainly sparked the idea was the fact that Harris Teeter has strawberries on sale 4/ $5 which isn't bad for Teeter, AT ALL. So, I divulged in the sale and I now have a buttload of strawberries that idk what to do with.
I cut up 2 containers of them and I poured my honey lemon dressing over them and put them in the freezer, and I did the same with the second container but I put that one in the fridge. 
Now that I'm thinking about it, I should have bought some yogurt....hmmmm...

Moving on.

So, I'm a water bottle hoarder. 
At work, we're allowed to drink as much water as we need to and you know my Greenpeace-in-the-making behind saves all my bottles and re-uses them! 
I currently have 6...
4 bottles,
and each bottle is a different flavor combination!
I decided to use my last lemon, some rosemary sprigs that I have and some dried mint I've had since last summer that I FINALLY opened today!
So the flavors are:

Strawberry Rosemary
Lemon Mint
Strawberry, Lemon, Mint
Lemon Rosemary

I boiled my water first since I used tap water, so I had to wait for it to cool before pouring it into the bottles...don't wanna release any toxic gases up in my healthy water!

So I'll let these puppies sit for a couple of days before I test them out...I'm really anxious to just drink them all, but patience is a virtue.... 
*my face as I typed that* ->  -___- 

Be on the lookout for the update!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Progress: Minor Set-back...

Hey guys!
I had to chill out with my workouts for a week because I hurt my hip 2 Saturdays ago at the gym. I guess I squat too low or had too much weight on the bar, but when I was done working out and I was walking around the city running errands, my left hip was giving me some pain near the joint. 
I bought some Epsom Salts and took myself a bath and the pain started to dissipate by the next day, but I decided to lay off on the squats for a week to let whatever it was heal. I'm STILL not finished with the squat challenge even though it's been a whole month (and some change). I'm only on day I still have 5 days left!

 I just started working out again on Monday doing this month's workout challenge every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, along with hitting the gym Tuesdays and Thursdays lifting and squatting. I've incorporated another squat into my regimen: the jumping jack squat
F.Y.I I don't go as hard as the chick in the video...cause she is doing the most. LOL! 
But what I do IS very similar to this, minus the excessive arm movement. 
So my squat interval is currently the standard squat, plie squat, jumping squats and jumping jack squats (all of that is probably why my hip gave out on me..lmao)

But here are this week's pics.!
There's no real change from my last update..except for the fact that I feel like my booty deflated =/ 
...maybe it's just me.
Right side

Left side

Back side

Right cellulite

Left cellulite


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mom Jeans and Lemon Vinegar

I believe everyone who's ever been thrifting says the same thing I'm about to say......I'm hooked.
Thrifting is the answer to all of my style prayers! I've always been an admirer of "vintage," old school type style.  I HATED wearing skirts/dresses when I was younger...jeans were my life. But  I've slowly but surely become obsessed with cute vintage style dress and high waisted ANYTHING...if it has a high waist, I'm gonna wear it! I've already told everyone that I'm gonna be the "dress lady" when I grow up...&owning about 40% of all of the dresses [that I like] on is one of my pipe dreams/ long term goals LOL
But until then...I will embrace the power that is the high waisted "Mom jean."

They make my booty look fabulous.
They make my waist look fabulous.
They make me....look fabulous.
WHY did these ever go out of style???
 What's funny about my Mom jean fixation is the fact that this is the second pair that I've bought and they're both from the same maker...
...I didn't even notice this when I bought them! LOL
I've been trying my hardest to find some high waisted Levis but I can't! 
It's like they're extinct! 
I bought some Levis during this past trip, but they don't fit! They're a size 7...I wear a size 6, THEY SHOULD FIT!!!
But anyway, if any of you wear a size 7, please let me know because I am selling them. 
Thank you. 

In other news..
As I mentioned in my Cheap, EASY Lemon Scrub post, I'm attempting to make lemon vinegar. 
Why? Because Pinterest. 
That's why.
According to this pin that I read on Pinterest,  lemon vinegar is great for cleaning ANYTHING. Once I read that, I was down for the get down, cause I love recycling! So I made it on Sunday so I have to wait two weeks until it's ready. It's REALLY hard cause I want to clean something with it SO BAD, but I can't =/

So, I took the four lemon rinds I had used to scrub my face with and placed them in one of my Tupperware containers ( I don't have any jars =/ )
and I just filled the container with about 2 cups of vinegar...just enough to submerge the lemons.
So in two weeks I will have my lemon vinegar ready to clean with!! 

I'll check back with you guys later!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Workout Challenge & March's Workout Progress!

Alright ladies! I'm only on day 21 of my squat challenge, but even though March is over I'm still going to finish it. I've been noticing a definite difference in the overall shape of my thighs, as well as my butt lifting! hooray!! I still don't notice a significant difference in my abs, but I think that's mainly because I haven't been doing much cardio. I think I'd only be able to tell that they were gaining more definition if I were actually burning more fat. 

So, here is my progress from the first day of my workout to yesterday!

Left side

Right side
As of yesterday, I started doing this NEW workout challenge in conjunction w/ the squat challenge. 

  • It kicks my butt
  • It's not long; I usually finish in about 30- 40 minutes, and that's including the 30-40 second breather I take in between each move. 
  • It provides me a new challenge w/ the bridges, burpees and jack knifes. 
  • Burpees are the devil
  • I wouldn't label this as being a "beginner" workout. It's more of a medium level workout. 
  • There's a lot of getting up and sitting back down, so if you have bad knees/hips, I recommend grouping together all of the standing workouts (jumping jacks, squats, lunges, etc.) and then grouping together all the floor workouts (crunches, pushups, bridges, etc.)
  • And......burpees are the devil.

I plan on doing this workout 2-3x a week since I'm not really trying to lose any weight, and I plan on continuing my weight lifting at the gym. 
Feel free to join this month's challenge if you'd like! 
But if not...