Monday, May 6, 2013

Time to Play Catch Up: So Many Updates!!

Alright, first thing's first I have to tell yall how much I LOVE this Lemon Vinegar that I made.
Granted, I left the lemons in there for 3 weeks instead of 2...the vinegar still smells like vinegar with a slight hint of lemon, but it's all good.
It cuts through grease like nobody's BUSINESS though. I wish I'd taken a picture of our stovetop before I wiped it down with the lemon vinegar, but I wasn't thinking about it at the moment. =/
The vinegar smell is pretty strong, but it goes away once it's dry. I guess I should dilute it w/ some water...but, why? lol I need it at its strongest potential for this kitchen...
(I.E. If you absolutely hate the smell of vinegar, do not attempt this. Soaking the lemons in the vinegar doesn't really get rid of the vinegar smell)
I plan on using this stuff to cut through the disgusting blackness that is our kitchen floor sometime next week, I don't care who doesn't like the smell of vinegar..they're just gonna have to deal cause I don't see any of THEM tryna clean it up soooooo....


The infused water I made week before last? Yeah. I didn't really like it that much. 
My water came out really bitter because of the rind of the lemon, and even though it was kind of refreshing..I don't like bitter ANYTHING. 
The Strawberry  Rosemary one just tasted like watered down strawberries
Lemon Rosemary tasted like lemon rind and rosemary
Strawberry, Lemon Mint was watered down strawberry, lemon rind and mint
And Lemon Mint was lemon rind and mint...but was my favorite out of all of them. 
I think that next time I'll use more fruit and I'll cut wedges from the lemon, omit the peel completely and try fresh mint because the dried mint is a no no.


I'M ENGAGED!!!!!! =D

Omgosh, right???? I'm STILL buggin about it, but it's true! Aaron popped the question last Saturday! I have officially been engaged for a week and 2 days. Yes, I have been counting how long we've been engaged since he proposed. Do not judge me. It was crazy because he caught me COMPLETELY off guard. We were at his church's couple's picnic and we had just finished one of the games we had to play. 
Each couple had a sheet of paper which represented an "island," and we both had to keep each other on the island together without "drowning." The trick was that each level we had to fold the paper in half and it kept getting smaller and smaller. He wound up putting me on his back and on the last round he wound up just throwing me over his shoulder. lol
So anyway, his mom asked the two of us and two other couple's to stay behind and explain how we were able to communicate to each other in order to win and blah blah blah. So the other two couples went before us and when it was our turn, I explained that he said from the get-go that he was just gonna throw me over his shoulder. And then he was like, "Of course. I would carry her on my shoulders for the rest of my life. I can honestly say that she is the one girl I can't see myself without..." and he said some other stuff, but I can't remember. And then he dropped to his knee.
MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, when I tell you I started BAWLIN?! 
I was lookin a hot mess, tennis shoes and his aunt's jacket on (it was chilly out) getting ready to go play kickball and he's out here!
Oh my goodness...that was the HAPPIEST moment of my LIFE, hands down. 
What made me mad was the fact that EVERYBODY knew that it was gonna happen except mom and dad knew (they're all the way up in Jersey, mind you), his parents were in on it, his aunt and uncle, people from the church, his brothers, my friend Trina, everyone from his job knew..I was like, WTF!!
But it was awesome...I'm still smiling about it. 
He is the greatest thing that has happened to me so far and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life w/ him. God has blessed us so much and I know the blessings won't stop just as long as we keep Him first.

But I love yall so much, that I decided to share the video w/ yall! 

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