Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Infused Water Wave!

I've officially joined this infused water craze that's going on...I couldn't resist!
What mainly sparked the idea was the fact that Harris Teeter has strawberries on sale 4/ $5 which isn't bad for Teeter, AT ALL. So, I divulged in the sale and I now have a buttload of strawberries that idk what to do with.
I cut up 2 containers of them and I poured my honey lemon dressing over them and put them in the freezer, and I did the same with the second container but I put that one in the fridge. 
Now that I'm thinking about it, I should have bought some yogurt....hmmmm...

Moving on.

So, I'm a water bottle hoarder. 
At work, we're allowed to drink as much water as we need to and you know my Greenpeace-in-the-making behind saves all my bottles and re-uses them! 
I currently have 6...
4 bottles,
and each bottle is a different flavor combination!
I decided to use my last lemon, some rosemary sprigs that I have and some dried mint I've had since last summer that I FINALLY opened today!
So the flavors are:

Strawberry Rosemary
Lemon Mint
Strawberry, Lemon, Mint
Lemon Rosemary

I boiled my water first since I used tap water, so I had to wait for it to cool before pouring it into the bottles...don't wanna release any toxic gases up in my healthy water!

So I'll let these puppies sit for a couple of days before I test them out...I'm really anxious to just drink them all, but patience is a virtue.... 
*my face as I typed that* ->  -___- 

Be on the lookout for the update!



  1. dont let them sit too long...I believe their is a time limit on them.

    1. Trust me, they won't last past Tuesday. lol

  2. mmm sounds good. I want to try that one day


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