Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Who's THIS beauty??
This is the blog of a 20yr old African-American college student that wants to reach out to her fellow bloggers! I've been searching for a place to read about natural college students, or college students trying to become and stay fit and healthy and college foodies, aaaaaaand I can't seem to find any so I decided to make my own! =) 
I'm really hoping that there are college students, as well as grown folks, out there that enjoy my blog and the crazy randomness that is bound to come...cause TRUST..there will be a lot of it ;) Please pardon me for any grammatical errors, because although I am  articulate this is a blog..not an essay. So if you're name isn't "Spell Check" or "Auto Correct," SIT IT DOWN!
Please, bare with me due to the fact that I'm new to this. I'll get this pic formatting and stuff down EVENTUALLY. WELCOME TO MY JOURNEY!! <3

The CURRENT tummy

 11 "Fun" Facts About Your Blogger

1. Brooklyn, NY- born and raised.
2. Culinary student.
3. Natural since birth, but began learning about proper hair care and styling my Sophomore yr of H.S.
4.Gained the FRESHMAN 15  during my first yr of college!! :O *high pitched scream*
5. Lost the freshman 15 before graduation by not...really...doin anything.
6. Gained 10 lbs cause i wasn't really doin anything with my life #FAIL.
7. Came to this new college and lost 20lbs to date by working out consistently and eating a pretty balanced diet ;)
8. Jordin Sparks' weight loss inspired me to get fit healthy [I lubb her <3 ]
9. I MISS MY BOOBS!! >:..-(
10. I want to be FIT athletically, but i don't want to lose any more weight [PLEASE feel free to comment if you know the recipe to this madness]
11. I freakin LOVE FOOD!! :D
Crab Cake Salad =))

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