Wednesday, April 18, 2012

There's WHAT in my food?!?!

Sofia Vergara..I <3 her!
So, I'm sitting here watching Dr. Oz and he's talking about nasty habits and unexpected "extras" found in canned/ processed foods. 
A couple of items he mentioned were:

-Canned Mushrooms
-Hard Candies
-Canned Tomato Sauce

Pretty normal stuff, right? 
But according to the specialist guest starring on the show, there's more than you would EVER expect to be in your your food. 

In the canned mushrooms, he said there could be remnants of maggots and even maggot eggs!! Alot of the time, they are cooked down during the canning process, but STILL...maggots???
What's even MORE disgusting is that he said that the secret ingredient in hard candies is the anal glad juice of beavers, known as castoreum. He says that the juice is used to "enhance" the flavor. o_0 <- the face i made.
Lastly, in the tomato sauce, he said there are fruit fly eggs which wasn't really surprising to me because fruit flies would lay their eggs on the fruit/vegetable..and since it probably isn't MANDATORY to properly sterilize fruits/vegetables before production in factories, it's not too surprising. Chances are, if you've ever eaten ANY fruit or vegetable without washing it off first, you've ingested THOUSANDS upon MILLIONS by now. 

Some other strange ingredients I can give you off the dome are crushed bugs in red food coloring, sheep in bubble gum, beef fat in processed snack cakes and pig in Skittles. 
It's soooo gross when you think about it...but on the other hand, we've been eating it this whole time with no

What do you think about these "secret" ingredients in our foods??

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