Friday, September 14, 2012

College Life: First Week Of School Woes

First day of class outfit..STYLIN.
I started my classes this week [Yippie! -__-] and quickly came to the realization that this semester is gonna require some HEAVY DUTY studying. *sighs* 
But I WILL try and get all my posts done on Thursday nights/ Fridays because Thursday is the beginning of my weekend..(one of the many perks of my school). 
Also, I only scheduled my classes for Tuesdays and Thursdays to give myself a little leeway when it comes to getting my assignments finished and studying the material we're covering. Even though I'm in culinary school, I don't have any culinary labs this semester so ALL of my recipes will, in deed, be me trying to eat healthy on a college budget. I'm going to do a post on couponing and determining good food sales from schemes.
On TOP of that, babygirl is tryna find a JOB cause I'm tired of being broke. lmao

This week, in terms of my meals, I have to say I was quite impressed with myself!
 I'm thinking of innovative ways to cook what I want without breaking the bank, and also creating breakfast ideas that are saving me some time in the morning!
Even though we have a full fledged kitchen, I've been cooking on my toaster oven/flat top griddle/coffee maker thing...

This bad boy is like...a gift from the college culinary, I-have-no-pots-yet-so-I-need-somethin-to-cook-on/in GODS. 

It is a 4 cup coffee maker, flat top griddle and  a toaster oven. And let me tell you, this thing has been puttin in WORK. 
I've had it since I went away to college the first time (Fall '09), but I never got the chance to actually get a good use out of it. Now that I'm more prepared to use it...I'm USING it! 
 If you're a college student in a dorm that doesn't allow any appliances, even though I don't SUGGEST that you break the rules [like I did] but this thing comes in handy. It was $40 if I remember correctly, and we got it from either Sears or JCPenny. This was like..3 years ago, so don't bet your bottom dollar that you're gonna walk in there and see it. But if you DO, or if they have another version of it w/ different stuff that you may all means, BUY IT. 
In other news, I'm taking Exercise Physiology [ lmao] 
This joint is gonna be the death of me, along with Statistics but that's a whole other story. 
Lemme tell you how the chapter on Nerves was freakin 20 pages long...20 PAGES, front and back..words, words, pictures and words. We had to study ALL of that, along with the chapter on atoms and memorize the skeletal structure of the human body. And this was all one night's HW on top of the rest of the HW that I had to do for my other 3 classes. I said, "uh uh, this is atrocious" and just studied the section summaries, glossary terms and called it a day. lmao I don't know how you medical students do it, but uhhhh..more power. *holds up fist*

I took that class because, since I LOVE to exercise, I want to learn how it effects our bodies and why. 
So I'd say that by the time this term is over, I'll be somewhat of a self-proclaimed genius about exercise...which means more info for yall..YAY!
The one thing I'm looking forward to with this class is actually going to the gym and applying what we learned. Yes, we go workout in this class (which is another reason why I'm takin it). We also have to develop a fitness regimen for ourselves based on what it is we're trying to achieve. 
I, personally, don't feel as though I need to change my regimen since I like the progress I'm getting, but I think it'll be nice setting a new goal for myself to reach, physically!
Wish me luck, cause imma be takin a few SIPS during this semester...

LMFAO! I had to..

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