Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Length Check, Gray Hair, and Naturally Occurring Highlights??

Exercise Physiology at its best...
I managed to slip away from studying for a bit to tell you about this week I've had wit my hair. -__- Don't get me wrong, it behaved beautifully, my twist out was bangin..I even did a pompadour & bun the other day that was all crinkly and sexy! Wish I'd gotten a picture of it..=/ 
Oh well, next time. 

A shot of my beautiful twistout & a progress shot. I can't even bench my own weight though..smh!! lmao 

But, yeah this little fellow down here...

....yeah, ^him? He had to go. 

What had happened was, the day before I took my twists out, I saw this white hair stickin up and I was thinking..
"Oh gosh, one of my boyfriend's dog's hairs got into my freakin twist, GROSS!"

So I went to pull it and...yeah. It was attached.I almost CRIED. Hahaha! 
My mom started going gray in her 20s and once I saw this I was like,
"GREAT, now imma have start rinsing my hair -__-"
 After freakin out, and sending her pics while blamin her for this genetic trait...I took my hair shears and cut it out. I feel better now. lol

Yesterday, I noticed that I have naturally occurring highlights which is SO cool! You can only see it in the florescent or sunlight though. My hair's always a lighter brown when there's a flash on my camera, but there are distinctive light-dark brown sections, and dark-dark brown sections...I know I'm not goin crazy. lol
*shrugs* maybe I just wanna feel special =)

 Oh yeah, LENGTH CHECK! 
Hair as of 09/15/12


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