Wednesday, September 5, 2012

College Move-In/ DNC Rambling

I have OFFICIALLY moved back to Charlotte for school! Am I excited?? Ehhhhhh...
I love the layout of my new dorm though! 
Everyone has their OWN bedroom, Praise GOD.
There are 2 bathrooms! (2 ppl per bathroom) Thank you Jesus.
Kitchen, living room, AND we have a washer and dryer.

The DNC has Charlotte on LOCK though. The day that I moved in (Saturday) there were police EVERYWHERE. They have them walking the streets in groups, the police were escorting buses past the stadium checking them to make sure there are no bombs on them, they aren't playing ANY GAMES. Consequently, I'm not in Charlotte at the moment; I'm currently visiting the boyfriend and the in-laws. I know yall are thinking, "WHAT IS WRONG WIT YOU?! WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANNA BE DOWN THERE DURING THIS TIME?!" I do.
 But in all honesty, I'm not in to politics. I WILL vote [for Obama] but as for all the rallies and parades and stuff? *shakes head* 

*bows down to her arms*
I watched our first lady's speech last night and damn near CRIED. Hahaha! Everything she said about living the "American Dream" and knowing what it's like to be in a position that many of us are in at this moment is true. And it's comforting to know that we have people in office that actually KNOW what it's like to grow up middle-lower middle class because they know what we're dealing with. 
What blew my mind was her hair though, cause it was killing me softly, on some real stuff. Her hair was ON. POINT. She is so elegant; it makes me wonder why girls/women don't look up to her more. 
 Can we get a round of applause for her arms & body though?? *standing ovation*
Baddest first lady in the game!


This is an age where women can sit down and give you a play by play on Love and Hip-Hop and Honey Boo Boo, but don't even know that the DNC is happening, or even WHAT the DNC is! It's sad to think that girls would more quickly look up to Nicki Minaj than to Gabrielle's disgusting, actually.
One day, I was in Walmart checking out and my niece (she's 12) saw a magazine with one of the chicks from 16 and Pregnant on it and was like, "Ooo!" And you know I picked up the one with my girl Gabby Douglass on the cover and I was like, "Yo, this girl is my idol!" and my niece was like, 
*sucks teeth* "Ain't nobody worried about her"
I said, "What the hell did you just say??" LMAO. I was mad offended, but anyway...

As a people, we REALLY need to get it together. There are people setting these ridiculous examples of what women and girls should be/act like and they're actually feeding into it! Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, the chicks on 16 & Pregnant, Bad Girls Club, Love & Hip-Hop to name a few...they're portraying images that makes me worry about what these girls midsets are. All this fighting, being slutty, getting pregnant...NONE of these are mistakes anymore! Girls are losing their virginity younger and younger..and it's NOT because they aren't being given "the talk" because, "the talk" is basically everywhere you LOOK. Every Trey Songz music video is the damn "talk!" What girls nowadays need are positive role models to look up to, and if you're allowing your kid to look up to Nicki Minaj and the chicks on the Bad Girls Club..then maybe you need to evaluate yourself as well.



  1. Aww you are here in NC too..That's great I live here now. I'm glad things are working out for you and i like your blog..

    1. Hahaha! It seems like we're always living in the same state! Thanks girl=)


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