Monday, October 1, 2012

September's Hair Tales...

Staple style of September.

My regimen for September was pretty, deep-condition, blow-dry, twist, oil scalp w/ Castor oil 3-5x a week!
I blow dry using the tension method, I deep-condition with anything I have on hand (coconut milk, coconut oil, eggs, honey, yogurt are a few examples), co-wash w/ Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut and oil my scalp w/ my Castor/coconut oil mix. I've been trying to steer away from doing small twists cause I'm just going to assume that they are the culprits of why my hairline started thinning. >=(
 I've also been looking up different up dos to do for class, but since I only have class 2x week, I haven't really been pressed about leaving them up for the whole week (i have itchy hands =[ ) 
Me and the boyfriend went out on a date a couple of weeks ago and I wore a twist-out with my bang twisted and pinned to the side.  It's safe to say that the humidity didn't show me any mercy cause as we were sitting there eating, I FELT my hair EXPANDING. LMAO. It got transformed into a side bun w/ twisted pompadour bun with the QUICKNESS. Hahaha!  The most recent twist out I've done was AMAZING. 
The Monday after our date night I had done the baggy method on my ends, sat under the dryer w/ a conditioning cap on my whole head for a half an hour, and then just let it air dry.
The day I took them was sweet, sweet GLORY goin on on my head! I was feeling myself TOO much. 
Once that twist-out began to stretch out, I threw it into that side bun thing again (I really like that style ;]), and a few more buns until wash day. 
Wash day, i finger detangled my twist out and applied  yogurt & honey as a deep conditioner. I sat with it in my hair for like..4 hours (I'm sorry, The Parkers was And once I rinsed it out, detangling in the shower was like BUTTER. I'm still shocked at how little time it took me! Afterwards I just rubbed some Shea butter into each wet twisted section, my castor/coconut oil mix to my scalp, re-twisted it and let it air dry.The day after THAT, I just broke the big twists into smaller twists, and that's basically what I'm rockin right now!

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