Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Progress: Minor Set-back...

Hey guys!
I had to chill out with my workouts for a week because I hurt my hip 2 Saturdays ago at the gym. I guess I squat too low or had too much weight on the bar, but when I was done working out and I was walking around the city running errands, my left hip was giving me some pain near the joint. 
I bought some Epsom Salts and took myself a bath and the pain started to dissipate by the next day, but I decided to lay off on the squats for a week to let whatever it was heal. I'm STILL not finished with the squat challenge even though it's been a whole month (and some change). I'm only on day I still have 5 days left!

 I just started working out again on Monday doing this month's workout challenge every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, along with hitting the gym Tuesdays and Thursdays lifting and squatting. I've incorporated another squat into my regimen: the jumping jack squat
F.Y.I I don't go as hard as the chick in the video...cause she is doing the most. LOL! 
But what I do IS very similar to this, minus the excessive arm movement. 
So my squat interval is currently the standard squat, plie squat, jumping squats and jumping jack squats (all of that is probably why my hip gave out on me..lmao)

But here are this week's pics.!
There's no real change from my last update..except for the fact that I feel like my booty deflated =/ 
...maybe it's just me.
Right side

Left side

Back side

Right cellulite

Left cellulite


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