Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Workout Challenge & March's Workout Progress!

Alright ladies! I'm only on day 21 of my squat challenge, but even though March is over I'm still going to finish it. I've been noticing a definite difference in the overall shape of my thighs, as well as my butt lifting! hooray!! I still don't notice a significant difference in my abs, but I think that's mainly because I haven't been doing much cardio. I think I'd only be able to tell that they were gaining more definition if I were actually burning more fat. 

So, here is my progress from the first day of my workout to yesterday!

Left side

Right side
As of yesterday, I started doing this NEW workout challenge in conjunction w/ the squat challenge. 

  • It kicks my butt
  • It's not long; I usually finish in about 30- 40 minutes, and that's including the 30-40 second breather I take in between each move. 
  • It provides me a new challenge w/ the bridges, burpees and jack knifes. 
  • Burpees are the devil
  • I wouldn't label this as being a "beginner" workout. It's more of a medium level workout. 
  • There's a lot of getting up and sitting back down, so if you have bad knees/hips, I recommend grouping together all of the standing workouts (jumping jacks, squats, lunges, etc.) and then grouping together all the floor workouts (crunches, pushups, bridges, etc.)
  • And......burpees are the devil.

I plan on doing this workout 2-3x a week since I'm not really trying to lose any weight, and I plan on continuing my weight lifting at the gym. 
Feel free to join this month's challenge if you'd like! 
But if not...



  1. Hot MOMMA!! Your doing great =)

  2. Thanks! Girl, I've been tryna work it out. ;)


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