Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mom Jeans and Lemon Vinegar

I believe everyone who's ever been thrifting says the same thing I'm about to say......I'm hooked.
Thrifting is the answer to all of my style prayers! I've always been an admirer of "vintage," old school type style.  I HATED wearing skirts/dresses when I was younger...jeans were my life. But  I've slowly but surely become obsessed with cute vintage style dress and high waisted ANYTHING...if it has a high waist, I'm gonna wear it! I've already told everyone that I'm gonna be the "dress lady" when I grow up...&owning about 40% of all of the dresses [that I like] on is one of my pipe dreams/ long term goals LOL
But until then...I will embrace the power that is the high waisted "Mom jean."

They make my booty look fabulous.
They make my waist look fabulous.
They make me....look fabulous.
WHY did these ever go out of style???
 What's funny about my Mom jean fixation is the fact that this is the second pair that I've bought and they're both from the same maker...
...I didn't even notice this when I bought them! LOL
I've been trying my hardest to find some high waisted Levis but I can't! 
It's like they're extinct! 
I bought some Levis during this past trip, but they don't fit! They're a size 7...I wear a size 6, THEY SHOULD FIT!!!
But anyway, if any of you wear a size 7, please let me know because I am selling them. 
Thank you. 

In other news..
As I mentioned in my Cheap, EASY Lemon Scrub post, I'm attempting to make lemon vinegar. 
Why? Because Pinterest. 
That's why.
According to this pin that I read on Pinterest,  lemon vinegar is great for cleaning ANYTHING. Once I read that, I was down for the get down, cause I love recycling! So I made it on Sunday so I have to wait two weeks until it's ready. It's REALLY hard cause I want to clean something with it SO BAD, but I can't =/

So, I took the four lemon rinds I had used to scrub my face with and placed them in one of my Tupperware containers ( I don't have any jars =/ )
and I just filled the container with about 2 cups of vinegar...just enough to submerge the lemons.
So in two weeks I will have my lemon vinegar ready to clean with!! 

I'll check back with you guys later!

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