Friday, June 8, 2012

Tube top scarves!

Scarf #1 side

Scarf #1 back
A few days ago I was unpacking my stuff from school and because of my extremely short attention span, I got bored. Hahaha!So I took a break and started watching stuff on YouTube, and in my favorites I had some D.I.Y t-shirt and tank top videos saved. I didn't really feel like cuttin any t-shirts up at the moment since that would've caused MORE mess to clean up, so I decided to try and make some tube tops with my scarves! One of my scarves (scarf #1) actually has a similar print to a tube top that I saw in Body Central that I wanted...but I refuse to pay $19.99 for some lil tube top soo, yeah. They came out surprisingly cute; I DEFINITELY plan on wearing them this summer!

Scarf #1 front
Scarf #2

Scarf #2 back

Scarf #2 front

Scarf #3 front

Scarf #3 back

Scarf #3 side *don't mind my mess* lol

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