Monday, June 11, 2012

::Personal Achievements:: I finally mastered my rolled omelet!

So I was watching one of the old seasons of "Worst Cooks in America" on demand, and one of their challenges was  to make a rolled omelet. Nobody knows this, but omelets are the absolute ONE thing I can NEVER cook perfectly..until today! Usually when I make an omelet it'd be overcooked on the outside and undercooked on the inside. It'd look more like a brown enchilada than an omelet...hahaha!
Watching the show, I was inspired to step my game up because here I am, this chick in culinary school, and I can't even make an omelet properly?? Sad stuff. lmao
I felt like I was bein showed up by those people on that show, so I felt as though I had to prove myself!

Aight, so..I had to take a picture of this and tell you this story right quick...
This was the craziest mess I'd ever seen in my
There I was, beginning to to make my omelet, and I proceeded to crack open my eggs. 
The first one cracked open just fine, but the second one was pretty I'm sittin there crackin it on the side of the bowl and I was in my head thinking, "Why does this egg feel like this??"I try to crack it open and was surprised to find that my egg was frozen.o_o
The fridge was up too high and the second carton of eggs I had in the fridge had alll this omelet is ultimately a two-white-one-yolk omelet because the yolk was SOLID. 
Look at me tryna be healthy..^,^ *proud face*

I know that you guys probably don't care and are like.."It's just an omelet," but you don't understand how much of an milestone this is for me! I felt so proud of myself that I just wanted to share it with the world!!
Thanks for reading guys!

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