Friday, June 8, 2012

Yum Yums: Produce Splurge

Went to the produce and the meat store & stocked up.
All of this stuff was only $20..and they basically sell in bulk, which is why I LOOOVE our produce store!
At the produce store I got a bag of onions, 3 bunches of scallions, a coconut, 2 containers of blackberries, a bag of potatoes, a bag of sugar snap peas, 2 avocados, a container of strawberries.
At the meat store I got the chicken, sour cream, apple cider vinegar, 2 cans of coconut milk and a couple of seasonings.

Yall should have seen the acrobatics I had to perform to carry that tote bag home cause when I tell you, that thing was HEAVY! I didn't drive over there because #1: it's only 4 blocks away &
#2: mommy had the car.
When I got home, my back was sore and my arms were tired...but I MADE IT.


This beauty ->>>
was only $4.20 *I'm pretty sure you peeped the price*
which I'm guessing would price it at about 25cents per lb which is NOT bad AT ALL. I took this chicken and hooked it UP! But that's a whole other post...;)

I'm sort of having a love affair with blackberries. I don't know what it is about them, but I just can't get enough. I guess that's good cause they're very high in antioxidants and polyphenols which help prevent cancers ( breast, cervical, etc) and heart disease. Plus, it contains high amounts of fiber as well to prevent intestinal disease & diabetes.More info

I've never opened a brown coconut before; I only have experience w/ green ones. I honestly only bought this just to open it...but I DO plan on using it in something, I just don't know what yet. lol

O.O.T.D =)

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