Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The 100 Workout!!

I challenged my boyfriend to this workout and it WHOOPED. HIS. BUTT.  And he's athletic! Hahaha! =D
I will admit that it's WAAY more strenuous than the daily workouts I posted before, but well worth the effort. 
You'll feel yourself getting stronger ALONG with losing the inches...and when combined with healthy eating, you should be working your way to your perfect body in NO time. 
If you find yourself getting winded or light headed, don't force yourself- take a 1 min break and drink some water...but be sure to get back to it! I suggest setting your timer on your phone for 60 secs so that you don't take too long of a break. ;)
Alright guys, tell me how it goes!!

The dreadfu...I mean, DARING 100 workout!

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