Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wash day rambling: I'm goin to Canada this weekend!!

A two-week twist out so that I'm tired of reviving
 Today's wash day!!
 I haven't washed my hair since July 2nd in preparation for my mini-twists that weren't meant to be. See,what had happened was...I originally wanted to do some regular sized two strand twists, but as I continued to twist, the twists continued to become smaller and smaller. I eventually had split the regular sized ones into two mini ones which created even MORE work for me to do (which I wasn't feelin). 
It took me a whopping 4hrs to finish the twists-that-weren't-suppposed-to-be-mini-twists-but-became-mini-twists-anyway...but that won't happen to me today cause I need these puppies to be done before tomorrow.
I'm currently sitting here already washed, but deep conditioning w/ mayo and olive oil and I didn't have any plastic caps left so i had to get "innovative" and use a plastic bag (times get hard, don't judge me). Yall know when it's raining outside and you don't have an umbrella you'll be quick to throw on that plastic bag, don't get all bougie on me now...this is what my blog's all about: making something outta what you have!

Pretty Masquerader

 So I am OFFICIALLY headed to Canada this weekend for Caribana!! YAY!! =D
I haven't been to Caribana since I was 7 and, no. I do not remember it. I'm really excited to go! If some of you may not know, I'm Trinidadian (well, my mom is) and I've been in Carnivals since I was 3 months old (yeah, I said 3 months; don't call CPS on my parents..) so this is nothing new to me. Growing up in Brooklyn, you KNOW I was right there on Eastern Parkway every Labor Day for the West Indian Day Parade. I miss those days =/

...but i digress.

While I'm up in Canada, I'll be meeting family I've never met past Facebook, so this should be interesting! I can't wait to meet everybody though , cause they make it seem like living up in Canada is easy life! It looks like fun up there, minus the cold. So pics and stories will be coming your way once I get back; stay tuned for that...

 ...in other news...

 I bought this dress for freakin $16!! I got it from this store called Easy Pickins and they have ALOT of cute clothes for $30 and under. I saw this dress and was like, "Hmm, this could be cute," and when I tried it on in the dressing room I said "DAMN! &This is only $16??" You know I had to scoop it up right then and there cause I wasn't about to leave it just to come back and find that they're only sold out in my size -__- (you know how it goes). Now I just need for the boyfriend to take me somewhere so I can wear it!

After the Couples' Dinner at church

Oh yeah, this handsome fellow over here in this picture right here is boyfriend =)
 I won't get into details about our story or anything, but the most simple way to put it is...
I LOVE this man!! And I DO mean "man," even though he's younger (say whaaat?? Yeah.) <3

 In cooking news...

 I've been home cooking up a storm, so much so that I haven't been able to keep up with myself. I do have some simple recipes for you guys coming up, just give me the chance to write them. LOL

I have this DELICIOUS behind Carrot Soup that I made cause we had so many carrots that had been sitting in the fridge like, "Eat mee," so I was like, "Okay!" Plus, I wanted to try out the emersion blender that my parents got me for my birthday!
I was trying to get all fancy with my plating here & it looked so good until the whipped cream would start melting, *sighs* I need a photographer. Anyway, it tastes good both cold and hot so feel free to serve it as you please. I'm gonna try to have this recipe to you guys by next Monday...

My GINORMOUS ravioli
Alright, don't make fun of my ravioli 
(that's ravioli?? Yeah.) 
They're freakin HUMUNGO! LOL
See, what had happened was...
..I was in the grocery store, right? And i was walking down the produce aisle, and you know how they have all the "organic" stuff and tofu on the refrigerated side, right? So yeah. I saw these wonton wrappers...
(those are wonton wrappers?? Yeah.)
...and I was like, "OOO! I'm gonna make wontons!" And when I was reading the pack it says, 
"Can be used for wontons, ravioli, etc.." so when I saw that it was like,
 "Challenge Accepted!" *Meme face*
So, yeah. That's how that came about. I haven't cooked them yet, so I don't know how the dough holds up or tastes, but once I DO cook them, I will let you guys know ;)

 It took me about 2hrs to finish this post...so I'm pretty sure my hair is deep conditioned by now. ;)


  1. That carrot soup looks yummy! Can't wait for the recipe. I love carrots.

    1. I just posted the recipe! http://fitfluffyfood.blogspot.com/2012/08/yum-yums-simple-easy-yummy-carrot-soup.html


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