Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why I do not like fast food, AT ALL.

This post is a very STRONG opinion. 

I don't know how many of you have actually watched the documentary, "Super Size Me" by Morgan Spurlock, but it really disgusted me when I saw it. This man ate McDonald's 3x a day for 30 days straight and as a result, gained 24 1/2 lbs, had a 13% BMI increase, fat accumulation in his liver and steady stream of mood swings and other physical malfunctions. It took him 14 MONTHS to lose the weight it had only taken him 1 month to gain!! And even after that movie made it clear to the nation of what people are doing to their bodies DAILY, our country still continues to produce and promote things like the Bacon Sundae (Burger King) and would rather buy processed foods packed with salt and preservatives as opposed of making them from scratch. 

The bottom line says: The other 85% is meat filler  cleansed with ammonia
which causes stomach and intestinal cancers.
Eating fast food makes me feel sluggish, makes me flegmy, and overall is just unsatisfying. I remember when I first came back from school for Christmas and my mom stopped at McDonald's to eat and I was so hesitant about ordering ANYTHING because of the stories my chefs had told us. I just simply got a McDouble and small fries and it was honestly, disgusting. I could taste every preservative in the fries...I could taste every ounce of sugar in the I just stopped eating.

Although fast food is cheap and easy, you have to realize that the ONLY reason why it's cheap is because it's cheap product. Do you REALLY think that they use ACTUAL Pork rib meat for the McRib? Do you honestly believe they use prime cuts of beef to grind to make those little brownish/grey patties?? And DON'T GET ME STARTED on Chicken Nuggets....

Being a college student, I understand the need for food you can just throw in your mouth and go, but you gotta realize that after you throw that processed meat patty slathered in ketchup in between two sesame seed buns..that it's doing horrible things to your body. 

Now that I have more knowledge about food and the food industry, I always find it hard to believe that people would rather have people cooking for them rather than cooking for themselves. The people behind the counter don't care about your health or your well being, they're only doing their jobs- serving their billions of customers. But when you sit back and think about all of the disgusting preservatives, additives, meat filler and pesticides you're consuming just on that one burger ALONE, you'll find yourself having a change of heart. 
I mean, look at the news..McDonald's JUST announced in February of this year that they're going to "end the use of pink slime in their burgers," but how many decades has McDonald's been doing this?? How many years have these corporations been pumping this disgusting additive into our food without us even knowing it? It's a shame that the ONLY reason why they're stopping is because they've been exposed and they don't want to lose their customer base! I find news like this extremely disturbing because even though they had that light shone on them about the pink slime, people still continue to consume their food without giving it a second thought. 

I have a question for you guys....
Why do fast food chains have such a strong hold on us as a country?
Why is it that even when the disgusting truth is exposed to us, we just shrug it off as if it's no big deal?
Why don't we believe that these corporations would rather pump their food full of artificial filler and make more profit, than give us the real thing?
Why are we so gullible??

I have a video that I just recently watched on YouTube that was pretty unsettling to me...

If you wached it, you'll see why it disturbs me... 

It's a shame that we're so wired to eating these things that we don't even care what they're made of, let alone what they're doing to us. It's actually coming to a point where a kid will know the taste of a chicken nugget before they know what spinach tastes like. 
We all need to learn that food in it's natural form will ALWAYS be better for us than food from a package. It doesn't matter if it says "Low fat," "High in fiber," or "diet" on the label, if it isn't from God's green Earth, it's not supposed to be in your body. 
It's that simple folks. 

Much love.


  1. My mother is a quality analyst in the meat industry and you wouldn't believe what they do to that meat. She still to this day, will not eat lunch meat. The pink slime thing had me shook. I'm not one to eat fast food very often but I've had a Burger King burger here and there and I haven't eaten a burger there since. It's crazy that people think it's ok to do all this stuff to our food.

    Starting last year I got more into cooking and I'm all the better for it. I'm more into how our grandparents did, making most of everything from scratch. It tastes better, it's not foreign to your body and most times healthier. Great post.

    1. Thank you so much, and I feel the same way. I mean, it's coming to the point where if I could raise my own animals to eat, I honestly would! They do so much to our food, it's ridiculous.


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