Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cheap, EASY Lemon Scrub!

I've been using a lot of lemons lately (mainly because my mom bought me a 3lb bag of them) and I've kind of been regretting throwing away the rinds once I'm finished squeezing out the juice. Now, MOST of the time, I'd be squeezing the juice from them to use for my face anyway so I thought why not just use the leftover juice in the rind as well! 
I know...revolutionizing, right? *pats self on back* ;)

So what you want to do is take your lemon rind and flatten it out as much as possible.

Then add a reasonable amount of baking soda...

....and then scrub your face with it! 
It will feel bubbly and cool...and then it will sting. Lol
It leaves my face a little red at first, but it goes away after a couple of minutes. 
Easy, right? Cheap, right? AND it works!
I usually follow this up with fresh aloe juice from the actual plant. 

* I wouldn't reuse the rind for your face again, cause the juice will be alkaline because of the baking soda. I was thinking of maybe soaking it in my vinegar and using that solution as a natural cleaner?? Idk. I haven't tried it out yet....but I will!


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