Saturday, March 9, 2013

March Skin Update!

Okay guys, so my regimen has basically stayed the same. I've been doing my bentonite clay masks every other day, along with exfoliating w/ baking soda and doing a weekly lemon sugar scrub. I'm going to gradually reduce the amount of times I do my masks to only doing them weekly once my skin sort of balances itself out. It's behaving better, apart from my menstrual breakouts but those only occur once a month. I haven't had any signs of cystic acne on ANY part of my body, which is GREAT (whoop whoop!) and I'm trying to figure out a way to shrink my pores...cause they're GINORMOUS (like...literally). 
I've also made my own shealoe concoction (not really, it's just shea butter and aloe vera gel) and when I tell you...I LOVE this stuff. The aloe moisturizes my skin SO well and the shea butter just LOCKS it all in, it's glorious! lmao I use it all over my body, and once I'm finished with my body, I rub whatever is left on my hands onto my face so that I don't put too much on it. So I must say, so far so good! I also used the shealoe mixture on my hair this week for my twistout &can you say BAAAANGIIIIIN!!? Lawwwd...shealoe is life.
edges w/ shealoe applied!  curls just start POPPIN.

I got the aloe vera gel and the shea butter on amazon. I think it cost me about $15 for them both...but don't quote me on that, just go look for yourself. Lol


I'm gonna share my bentonite clay mask recipe w/ you guys! (Yaaaaay!)

1 cup Bentonite clay
1 lemon, deseeded

Combine and mix thoroughly until no lumps/ dry spots remain and a smooth "paste" is formed. Add a small amount of water if needed.  Refrigerate for up to a week.

There it is!


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