Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fitness Challenge for March

I took this about last month doesn't look like this when I'm not flexing. lmao
 I just started my workout plan today...(I've been slackin) but, hey...better late than never!
Like I said in my last post, I'm going to be focusing mostly on my legs/booty during my workouts, but I found myself tryna do this ab challenge for March as well....smh. I be tryna do too much! I blame Pinterest...-__-   LOL

I'm also cutting out sweets *gasp*
...&that includes juice, but only if it's from concentrate. If it's 100% fruit juice...imma drink that. lol

As far as incorporating more protein into my diet as I've previously stated...I don't have the funds to eat alot of meat, so I might find myself eating more beans and nuts and stuff...*sighs* 
Being broke while tryna get your life together<<<


Here are my workout challenges for this month!! 
I did these this morning and the ab one was kicking my butt...that's what I get for not working out in 50yrs...-____- I started on March 1 so that I get the full month in. 
As for these squats, I did half of them regular squats and the other half jumping squats. I plan on switching up the style of squats I do each week just so that I get all of my booty muscles working. I started on day 1 of this one as well..and doing the regular squats was fine, but those jumping squats man.....*phew*. I almost died.
....isn't her booty glorious?? lawd...

Feel free to join along in this challenge! But if not...

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