Thursday, August 16, 2012

Canada Trip

Alright, so..I had a VERY painful trip. I mean, it was fun and all but I feel like God was testing me caussseeeee.....*sighs* notice how my faces get longer as this story goes on.

 So we went on this bus ride, right? And the flyer says to be there for midnight cause they're leavin at 12am, SHARP. -_- Mama (my grandma) likes to be early so we were out there from 11 waitin on this stinkin bus. So, FINALLY, the bus gets there and we load up and leave ( it is now 2 a.m) and we're headed to Jersey, from Brooklyn to pick up some more passengers -__-
WHY they couldn't just meet us in Brooklyn, I don't know. 

Anyway... by the time we start heading up the road it's about 3something, and the host decides that he's only gonna let us sleep for a few hours cause we didn't come on this trip to sleep, we came to party (if you're West Indian, you'll understand) & he has the music blasting on the bus. We barely slept until about 6 and they woke us up...-____-

We didn't actually reach the Canada border until about noon, after we spent a good hour at the Duty Free shop. Getting through the border didn't take as long as i thought it would, so that was a plus. We stopped at the falls (Niagara) to eat lunch and take pictures and when I tell you, I wasn't ready for the heat that hit me that was HOT. I was definitely NOT expecting for it to be THAT hot in was ridiculous!! While at the falls I took some b-e-a-utiful pictures ( in the blazing heat) and got cooled off by the back spray from the falls. Once we were finished, we got BACK on the bus to then ride to Toronto. It was about 2 at the time, and by the time we reached Toronto it was after 4. It took us 12hrs to get to Toronto and it should've only taken us about 8 
1/2. -_____-

My grandma's cousin's son picked us up and took us to the house where I met my most ADORABLE cousin Andrew: the happiest baby alive!! Oh goodness, I just wanted to eat him up he was so cute! I told his mother I was gonna steal him, she thinks I'm That same night we went to Panorama, it was very nice. All the bands that played were freakin wonderful. Idk who won, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

The next morning was carnival, we went downtown and stood in an area right before the bands went across the stage. I was SO surprised to see so many white and Asian/Korean people playing mas!! West Indians get MAD love in Canada, yo! I even saw this white dude DECKED OUT in Haiti was crazy. This was actually the first carnival that I've actually spectated, but I honestly didn't spectate for long. By the time the parade was almost over, I was down in someone's section dancin like I belonged in the band. lmao It was TOO fun. During the next two days of our stay it was pretty mellow, we went to a barbecue Sunday night and that's when I finally felt that Canadian coldness, ugh..I was FREEZING. Mama had been warning me about Canada after 6pm..cause that's when it starts to get cold, even though the two previous nights had been comfortably warm.

Monday was when we were scheduled to leave, and yet again, the flyer said we'd be leaving at 12:30pm, SHARP. We were there early, of course, and were sitting around until about 1 when they finally started loading the bus. -_______-
We get on the bus and rode a good 2 hours until we reached another duty free shop where, of course, we HAD to stop in. They said we were only stopping for 25 minutes...-_________-
*1 hour later*
We finally leave duty free and get to the border which was pretty much right down the block. The collect our passports and check them and you know there ALWAYS has to be they tell the man that something was wrong/missing from his papers so he had to go inside while all of us stayed on the bus..and we waited..
*1 hour later*
So we crossed the border, and by this time everyone's pissed, and hungry, and gotta use the bathroom. We ask the bus driver when he's stopping at a rest stop and he's talkin bout some damn 2hours.

You have a bus FULL of people...we've been on this bus for 4HOURS, and you talkin bout we ain't stoppin to eat for ANOTHER 2 hours??? I was BEYOND pissed, like...I was so mad! What made me even more mad was the fact that he'd passed sooo many rest stops that we could've stopped at but when he finally DOES decide to stop, this nigga pulls into a Rite Aid parking lot ("say what??" Yeah.) So we had to cross parking lots and/or the highway to go get some food and bathroom relief and once we stopped, they cussed them OUT. It was too funny. After I got my food and used the facilities I was a happy camper. I went to sleep (itis) and within the next 2-3 hours we were back in Brooklyn.

So, just for the record, I'm NEVER going on THAT bus ride again. For $200, I can take my ass on a plane, eat some food, sleep wheneva the hell I want, and not have to worry about no bullsh**.

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