Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't have a gym near you?? No problem!

Away from school I have NO access to a gym, so the fact that these workouts are so readily available on FB makes life SO much easier. I was really worried about gaining all of my weight back over the summer, but I've been able to maintain doing these in conjunction with the daily workouts I've previously posted.

This first workout kicks my freakin BUTT. 
By the 3rd set, I'm usually like FORGET THIS!! 

But then I think about my goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I continue to push myself. I find that stretching in between sets makes it a little easier to bear and helps to reduce sore muscles the next day. 

This next one isn't really a workout, just a series of moves you can add to any workout you're doing. I usually do 3 reps of each. I add these moves to the Monday and Thursday workouts.

This last one is my absolute favorite cause it's such a challenge! I usually do it when I'm watching I've been able to complete it before the show comes back, but when I first started doin it, it was definitely a challenge! I encourage all of you to attempt this, you'll find that it actually isn't hard at all! How to do a burpee
How to do a Russian Twist 


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