Friday, August 24, 2012

Self Inspiration: Bullying

I haven't done an inspirational post in a long time. 
Even though I've, personally, never gone through any type of bullying like this, I know how bullying can hurt.
 I've only been bullied twice, in elementary school, and it was this guy that kept calling me ugly and a lesbian..and even though I didn't even know what a lesbian was(I was like, 7 -__-) it still hurt.
 And the second time was my "friend" <--the quotations are there for a reason
Shaniqua's friend who use to tease me about my clothes. Alot of the time, I would just try to not chill wit them but it'd be hard cause when I was stuck hanging out wit them,  she'd always have something to say about what i was wearing. I would always think to myself, like..what is her problem?? I don't say or do anything to this girl so WHY does she insist on bothering me? 
She would call me fat, tell me my clothes were ugly and I'd be like 0_O Why are you talkin to me? lol
First of all, she was ugly. Second of all, even though I was fat too, she was fatter than me soooo.....

Now that I'm older, I realize that she may have had some insecurities that she was dealing with so she decided to take it out on somebody that ultimately wouldn't do anything about it. Although her and that other boys' bullying didn't fully affect me, I do believe that they may have caused the little bit of insecurity that I have had throughout the years. 

One thing I've learned is that through God, everything is possible.  
Without Him, there is no me and He's the only judge I need to worry about throughout my life. 

Feel free to check out this beautiful video on bullying by JessicaLailah

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