Monday, August 27, 2012

FIT: My body as of 8/27/2012

BUST: 34 1/2"
WAIST: 28"
HIPS: 39"
WEIGHT: 143.3lbs

 My goal to maintain has been successful!!
I lost some hips bueno. =, / 
..but at least my abs are rockin ;)

My diet has been mostly the same...with the addition of some occasional cheats. 
I still basically eat everything I want to, I just incorporate more vegetables and fruits into my day. I don't drink soda, AT ALL. I don't eat fast food, except the occasional Wendy's, Chic-fil-a or Subway.

When I make my plate, half of the plate is vegetables, 1/4 starch and 1/4 meat. 
I also eat all of my vegetables before I move on to the starch and protein.
I incorporate fruits and vegetables in to EVERY meal, including breakfast. I recently made a Veggie Fritatta that was freakin delicious! I plan on having that recipe to you guys soon.

 Making sure I eat a variety of fruits and vegetables has been helpful in terms of digestive health & bathroom-going. [T.M.I?]

My next diet goal is giving up white breads/ pastas, gearing towards more whole grain choices. I also plan on giving up refined sugar and flour. 
Wish me [add my wallet] luck!!


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